Scratch Squad

Mrs. Kinzer, Mrs. Melton and Mrs. Litzko earn money for TLE

Mrs. Watkins is awarded the STCU award

Teachers get to enjoy Moose Sighting Incentives too! Yeah Fancy Friday!

Twin Lakes Elementary PTO

Twin Lakes Elementary PTO

TLE Teachers Dance!



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Welcome to Twin Lakes Elementary

Twin Lakes Elementary serves students in PK-6. If you have any trouble finding the information you are after then don't hesitate to contact us.


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Breakout Box* Night 4th-6th

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and you are getting super excited for the festivities and feasting. There’s only one problem….grandma’s secret pumpkin pie and turkey recipes have been locked away for safekeeping and no one can find the key! Work together to solve the clues that will help you find where the key was hidden. Perhaps you will find out where the key can be found so the cooking and feasting can go on as scheduled! 


*Breakout Boxes are like an escape room in a box. This activity is aimed at upper elementary, but the whole family can participate. 

Space is Limited!! 

RSVP by November 18th

Free Developmental Screener

Free Development Screening for all children in the Lakeland School District from 0-5 years old. Screening will provide parents with information regarding their child's development in: speech and language, large and small muscles, concepts and vision and hearing. Located at Twin Lakes Elementary on Sept 9th, 2019, Sept 30th, 2019, Oct 21st 2019, Feb 24, 2020, and Mar 16, 2020. Call (208) 687-1682 to schedule an appointment.

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